Sunday 9.11.2011

I have temporary custody of a friend’s wonderful collage – so much hand-made love…

In Catherine Slye’s words:

Each piece started as a photograph that I took. Then I took tracing paper over the photos that I printed at 8 x 11. Using pencil I traced what I thought needed tracing. Then I took the tracings and put them into my copier and reduced them down to less than 40 % and printed them onto quilting paper. From there each small rendition of the photo was then placed with others that made visual sense. Creating new vistas that do not exist in reality. Then I stitched them using my sewing machine onto fabric that I had hand colored using monotype ink. Then I colored them using a selected color palette that I used for all of them. I made a series of ten on phoenix. I had them framed by a husband and wife shop in tucson. We came up with the frame design together.[slideshow]