Monday 2.22.10

It is a good thing no one reads this or they would think we have the most boring lives!  This afternoon we are very excited… we zip-locked and filed all of our photo polymer plates… from olds jobs, current jobs and sample material.  What a relief – I keep seeing odd bits here and there and it was a challenge to find any pieces that we might want to reuse (perhaps for the LOL calendar for the NSS).  Now it is all totally accessible.

Also, got the shelf up (jeez was it heavy).  Need longer screws though.

Talked about our NSS business card – something a little special …. looking for the right background texture and color…

Off to bed – tomorrow:

  • I need to order coasters for our anniversary party.
  • find the longer screws and some spackle for a few tiny holes
  • get ready to go to Portland for 4 days – poor planning on my part – Portland Jazz Festival.