Saturday 2.20.10

Great day – Rolled out the Savoy 92# and 118# – to see how we like it.  Ran one of new cards.  We also did some Lettra.  Looking at all of it :

  • love all the paper actually – all took a nice impressions.
  • Savoy costs almost twice as much as Lettra, getting it cut from the manu is not really possible…but I like the feel of it – especially the 118#
  • Lettra, of course, looks and feels great , we love the Pearl, but…creasing it has driven us to drink.  It is very inexpensive though.

Bottom line is – we will see how the Savoy creases tomorrow (very well I suspect).  But from a customer standpoint – can they really tell the creasing difference. Does 92# paper look and feel as good?  Does it make sense to spend more than twice as much for paper just because we have to baby it through the creasing process… decision time on Sunday.  Must choose for all three new lines for NSS!

If we go with Lettra we need to get it all cut down to the right size… we have bleeds in all of the first line – but not #2 or #3.