Have a Holiday Team Building Event

We are all about fun here at Hazel & Violet. Think about bringing your group – up to 12 people – to downtown Phoenix for a holiday team-building event. Bring your own beverages or food and spend three hours going full analog. Make posters, coasters, stationery, bookmarks…. all up to you. If you want to have a special group project we can do that too.

There are only 5 weeks left until Christmas…. you are already behind. Give us a call. Nancy 480-544-2162


Wednesday 7.4.2012

A holiday! Must be it’s time to write a blog post.

Lots of excitement here at Hazel & Violet – We have moved our entire shop to downtown Phoenix! We will now have an open-to-the-public commercial letterpress shop with a nice little retail element and 1 wall where we can have works of art from local paper artists.  Here are some pictures after the riggers left and we spent a week of nights getting it together.

Saturday 9.17.2011

Well, Third Friday has come and gone. It was definitely the best one we have had!  Chris Dobbs sold some jewelry, I sold some letterpress cards and lots of folks stopped by to see Wayne Rainey’s photos.  Wayne toured Southern Africa in 2001 and took some amazing pinhole camera photos.  The black and white images are gentle yet arresting and a brief view into another world.

Sorry about the photos – challenging environment.


Sunday 9.11.2011

I have temporary custody of a friend’s wonderful collage – so much hand-made love…

In Catherine Slye’s words:

Each piece started as a photograph that I took. Then I took tracing paper over the photos that I printed at 8 x 11. Using pencil I traced what I thought needed tracing. Then I took the tracings and put them into my copier and reduced them down to less than 40 % and printed them onto quilting paper. From there each small rendition of the photo was then placed with others that made visual sense. Creating new vistas that do not exist in reality. Then I stitched them using my sewing machine onto fabric that I had hand colored using monotype ink. Then I colored them using a selected color palette that I used for all of them. I made a series of ten on phoenix. I had them framed by a husband and wife shop in tucson. We came up with the frame design together.[slideshow]

Sunday 8.28.11

Well – this is awful… 1 post a month…really? Very sad.  I am now committed to 1 post a week. I hope.

The Phoenix “Valley of the Sunflowers” project has finally gotten off the ground. Earth movers have been at work and it is starting to feel REAL. At HAZEL this weekend – First Friday, we will be featuring some stationery goods with – guess what – sunflowers on them!  So drop by… take a look at the piles of dirt and have a great September First Friday!


Friday 10.15.2010

It’s third Friday!  Usually pretty slow downtown – but we’ll be open.

Drop in and see our artists and letterpress space:

Featuring classic and contemporary art by local artists – Kristine Brambilla, a large format artist who works in oil and enamel; Christina Scherer, avian artist who works in oil; Chris Dobbs, jewelry artist who also is showing fused glass pieces and aluminum sculpture; Tucson artist Tony DiAngelis creates assemblage sculptures and acrylic paintings.