Tuesday 4.3.2012

At last Art Detour is over and I can get to work on other things – like our long ignored blog!

The last two art walk / craft shows are on the horizon!… then a long quiet summer.  This year we will be totally focused on our commercial letterpress business during the summer…. but until then – we have some serious letterpress shows …

1. First Friday of course!  We will be at gallery Hazel from 6:00pm  to at least 10:00 Friday night on Roosevelt Row. Come use our vintage printing press ‘Beatrix’ and see some art!

2. CCC6 – That’s right – Coffee, Cookies and CRAFTS at Bragg’s pie factory on Grand – Saturday afternoon.

and 3. Sunnyslope Art Walk – next Saturday evening!

Wednesday 11.30.2011

Please join us for a great night at Crafeteria!  (behind Frances at Central and Camelback) this Friday night from 6 – 10.  This event is always a blast and this year will be even better.  We have some great new products – come experience some letterpress love! There will be 40 first class vendors available to make your Holiday shopping a breeze.


Sunday 8.28.11

Well – this is awful… 1 post a month…really? Very sad.  I am now committed to 1 post a week. I hope.

The Phoenix “Valley of the Sunflowers” project has finally gotten off the ground. Earth movers have been at work and it is starting to feel REAL. At HAZEL this weekend – First Friday, we will be featuring some stationery goods with – guess what – sunflowers on them!  So drop by… take a look at the piles of dirt and have a great September First Friday!


Friday 6.03.2011

Another First Friday – Tonight our featured artist Christina Scherer  (www.Schererart.com).

Christina says:

I enjoy the rich color and textures you can create with oils. Songbirds are common subjects of mine, but I also enjoy painting nature and wildlife scenes. Much of my inspiration comes from the Impressionism. Cezanne, Degas, Anders Zorn and Bruno Liljefors are some of my favorite painters.

Her new oil is “Splashing the Party” – there is a little red bird that you will want to take home….

Wednesday 5.4.2011

This First Friday we will be featuring Phoenix artist Kristine Brambilla. From 7-9 we will have an artist reception with beverage and snacks. Drop by to meet the artist and view her dynamic work,

Artist’s Statement:

Some of the ideas I work with in my art are layers, contained chaos, simplicity, the abstract, landscape, color usage, and working with opposites.

I work with the medium that best suits the idea I have. This has included mixed media, oil on canvas, photography, sculpture, and public participation pieces. I am known to work with hand-collected pigments/sands, found objects, and different paints, and/or drawing processes.

I graduated from ASU Magna Cum Laude with a BFA in Painting, but I find that the more time passes the more I see that it didn’t matter where I studied, but just that I continued to make art.