Wednesday 7.4.2012

A holiday! Must be it’s time to write a blog post.

Lots of excitement here at Hazel & Violet – We have moved our entire shop to downtown Phoenix! We will now have an open-to-the-public commercial letterpress shop with a nice little retail element and 1 wall where we can have works of art from local paper artists.  Here are some pictures after the riggers left and we spent a week of nights getting it together.

Tuesday 4.3.2012

At last Art Detour is over and I can get to work on other things – like our long ignored blog!

The last two art walk / craft shows are on the horizon!… then a long quiet summer.  This year we will be totally focused on our commercial letterpress business during the summer…. but until then – we have some serious letterpress shows …

1. First Friday of course!  We will be at gallery Hazel from 6:00pm  to at least 10:00 Friday night on Roosevelt Row. Come use our vintage printing press ‘Beatrix’ and see some art!

2. CCC6 – That’s right – Coffee, Cookies and CRAFTS at Bragg’s pie factory on Grand – Saturday afternoon.

and 3. Sunnyslope Art Walk – next Saturday evening!

Wednesday 11.30.2011

Please join us for a great night at Crafeteria!  (behind Frances at Central and Camelback) this Friday night from 6 – 10.  This event is always a blast and this year will be even better.  We have some great new products – come experience some letterpress love! There will be 40 first class vendors available to make your Holiday shopping a breeze.