Tuesday 4.3.2012

At last Art Detour is over and I can get to work on other things – like our long ignored blog!

The last two art walk / craft shows are on the horizon!… then a long quiet summer.  This year we will be totally focused on our commercial letterpress business during the summer…. but until then – we have some serious letterpress shows …

1. First Friday of course!  We will be at gallery Hazel from 6:00pm  to at least 10:00 Friday night on Roosevelt Row. Come use our vintage printing press ‘Beatrix’ and see some art!

2. CCC6 – That’s right – Coffee, Cookies and CRAFTS at Bragg’s pie factory on Grand – Saturday afternoon.

and 3. Sunnyslope Art Walk – next Saturday evening!

Sunday 4.3.2011

Getting all set for one of the last Market /Fair /Art Walks of the season.  Come join us next Saturday evening for some fun up at Sunnyslope Art Walk.  We will be on the West side of Central! We will have all of our spring and summer cards available and a whole new line of coasters…