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Letterpress Workshop

Tour the Presses

Head on down to Grand Avenue and try out a Letterpress Workshop. Here’s what you’ll do:

We will demonstrate how to operate our family of 8 presses and show you samples of previous print projects.

Discover the analog world that still exists.

Studio & Artist Prints

We will tour the studio and show you all of the prints from artists and printers around the world.

Great opportunity to take pictures in front of our amazing poster walls.

Metal & Wood Type

Orientation regarding the type, images, paper and ink that is available to use.

Check out our many type cabinets and the metal and wood type that you will get to use to make your posters or other stationery projects.

Hands-on Printing Experience

Create Your Own Unique Print

Participants then set their own type (with ongoing instruction) and set the forms up to be printed. Get a little inky! We supply the aprons.

Choose Your Printed Items

Everyone can print their posters, coasters, or stationery. People often have several projects. You can print as many items as you have time for.

Workshop Clean Up

The key to a successful print experience is keeping things organized – put things back where you got them, please.

Workshop FAQs

Is printing experience needed?

No experience required! Most of our guests have never done this before, so come enjoy letterpress printing today!

What should I wear to the workshop?

Ink happens. It’s a good idead to wear older clothes (think painting)—we also have aprons you can use. Closed-toe shoes are recommended.

Looking for a custom workshop or date?

Just ask! Email [email protected] or text us at 480-544-2162.

How many people can join a workshop?

Our workshops are generally 2-6 people, but inquire with us for larger event options.

It’s a dry heat…

We have AC running all summer long in Phoenix. Restroom & beverages are available.

Workshop Stories

"This was such a fun and informative class! My husband signed us up for my birthday and it was everything I wanted. Nancy is an awesome person who will keep you laughing and smiling throughout the entire evening! We will be going back for sure to create more awesome works for our home!"

Lisa S.

"Workshops are really where it's at. I had a fantastic experience there recently working on a special creative project."

Penelope L.

"As a teacher of creative writing and composition, I was particularly interested to take a letterpress workshop with Nancy, which was utterly fascinating. Nancy was extraordinarily patient with me as I made lots of mistakes and had tremendous fun."

Alexandra B.