Head on down to Grand Avenue and try out a Letterpress Workshop – This is what you’ll do

> Brief tour of our 5 presses, with demos and printed samples. We will show you how to operate these presses and show you samples of previous projects. Discover the analog world that still exists.
> We will tour the studio and show you all of the prints from artists and printers around the world. Great opportunity to take pictures in front of our amazing poster walls.
>Orientation regarding the type, images, paper and ink that is available to use. Check out our many type cabinets and the metal and wood type that you will get to use to make your posters or other stationery projects.
> Participants then set their own type (with ongoing instruction) and set the forms up to be printed. Get a little inky! We supply the aprons.
> PRINTING! everyone can print their posters, coasters, or stationery. People often have several projects. You can print as many items as there is time for.
> Clean up – put things back where you got them, please.
Other things to note:
No experience required! Most of our guests have never done this before. It is good to wear older clothes, but, we have aprons. Closed-toed shoes are a good idea. You may get a little inky – but we know how to get it off. A.C. all summer long in Phoenix. Restroom and beverages are available.

2-hour workshop. Reservations required. 
If you want a custom date or time – just ask!! [email protected] or text to 480-544-2162
Our workshops are generally 2 – 6 people. Click below to register. 

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